How To Remove Kidney Stones Without Surgery In A Natural Manner?

Kidney stones are nothing but hard mineral collections which may exit or pass with pain from ureter or kidney. Many people are unaware of the fact that they have the problem of kidney stones unless they suffer from a specific problem or at the time of routine check up at the doctor’s. Only a few people need surgery for this problem and others pass the stones instinctively or by some other ways. So, how to remove kidney stones without surgery.

Natural Treatment For Kidney Stone
Remove Kidney Stones

The aspects which cause stones in kidney are not known exactly until today, but some factors have been recognized. These factors are inflammatory bowel disease, urinary tract infections, family history, past history of kidney stones, history of gastric bypass surgery, diets enriched with sugar, fatness, insufficient intake of water, hyperparathyroidism, etc. The most important problem of all people who suffer from stones in kidney is that how to remove kidney stones without surgery.

Taking Kid Clear capsule is the best way to remove kidney stones without surgery. There are few other simple remedies which can be used along with this kidney stone treatment. Using lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and olive oil can help in removing stones in kidney. This is the best way to dissolve stones and the pain caused by them. You should take this every hour until the symptoms are completely gone. Uva Ursi is also a good remedy to remove stone in kidney. This will help in keeping away the infection and also helps in reducing pain and purify the urinary tract. Dandelion root is also a wonderful cleanser and tonic. Taking it twice a day will be helpful.

Kidney Bean is also a great herbal remedy for stones in kidney. Horsetail tea is another herbal remedy to dissolve kidney stones naturally. You should drink at least four cups of this tea every day for effective results. Pomegranates have many health advantages as well, especially the seeds and pomegranate juice is the best medicine to remove kidney stones without surgery. As per some studies people with normal stones in kidney who used magnesium supplements have a very good improvement in treating stones in kidney. Basil tea can also be used for general health of kidney. One teaspoon of this juice with honey will be helpful in curing the problem.

All the above mentioned ways are helpful and beneficial in removing kidney stones but it is advised to use Kid Clear capsule with all the above mentioned remedies to dissolve kidney stones permanently and naturally. Unhealthy food consumption is the main cause of the problem; you should reduce the intake of energy drinks and soda. Stay away from processed foods and alcohol and add more vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Since Kid Clear herbal pill is made of herbal ingredients so there is no fear of adverse effects of using this herbal product.

Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment To Dissolve Gallstones Painlessly

Gallbladder stores bile, which is released into the small intestine after it receives signals from the brain to stimulate its discharge. Gallstones are mostly cholesterol or bile formations and the process starts with abnormal renal function or metabolic abnormalities which causes physio chemicals changes and aggregation and growth of crystals.

Herbal Way To Pass Kidney Stones
Herbal Kidney Stone Removal Treatment

Gallstones may have no symptoms in most cases but sometimes it can cause blockages and pain. The gallbladder wall swells and causes inflammation leading to sluggish metabolic movement. People with such problems can suffer from sudden intensifying pain in the right part of body – the shoulder and centre of the abdomen below the breastbone. Some suffer from sharp, cramp and dull pain which increases when the person breathes. This pain may start after taking a heavy diet mostly high fat or greasy diet. Kaknaj or Physalis alkekengi is popular as bladder cherry can be taken to dissolve gallstones painlessly. It reduces thymus weight and its steroids have anti-inflammatory and immune suppressive activities.

The herbal treatment for kidney stoneKid Clear capsule contains the set of some of such nephro protective, diuretic and steroid like herbs which can control the level of salt and water while regulating fat, carbohydrates and protein metabolism.

Barun chal or Crataeva nurvala is one of the key ingredients in the herbal kidney stone removal treatment – Kid Clear capsules used for alleviating kidney and bladder problems. It works as anti-inflammatory and can treat the problem of fluid retention in the body by opening blockages in the digestive tract. It contains poly phenols which are anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation. It has significant anti-hyper calciuric and anti-hyperoxalyric properties.

Bergenia Ligulata belongs to the set of herbs having cooling and laxative properties and this allows the stones to pass through the tubes effortlessly into the digestive tract and be eliminated from the body.

The herb is found to be effective in inhibiting the formation of CaC2O4 crystal in the renal tubes, and prevents aggregation of crystals in other body organs as well. It exhibits antioxidant properties and has diuretic and lithotripic activities.

Apium graveolens helps in the elimination of stones from gallbladder as it can dissolve kidney stones. The regular intake of the herb restricts the formation of such stones as it prevents cholesterol aggregation in the gallbladder.

Amomum subulatum seed extract has nephro protective activities and can prevent renal impairment. Most gallbladder stones and impairment in the function are caused by the increase in serum levels of certain compounds, hydration, reduced GFR and hepatic metabolism of proteins and this can be prevented by taking these herbs as found in the capsules.

Bergenia lingulata contains bergenin which exhibits the properties of dissolution of calculi and has diuretic properties due to the presence of saponins, flavonoids etc. It has properties to stimulate the pancreatic islets and has hepato protective activities where it can protect liver functions. The regular intake of these herbs as in the herbal kidney stone removal treatment can prevent stone formation in gallbladder, liver and prevent infection in the digestive tract and also regulate blood pressure.