Natural Ways To Reduce Joint Pain And Arthritis Inflammation In Old Age People

Swelling, numbness, pain, tingling, soreness and inflammation affecting the lower back, hip, thigh, foot, upper arms, shoulders and neck can happen in condition of arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and spinal narrowing. Some people suffer from numbness in legs, urinary incontinence and even constipation due to these factors. Some types of joint pains e.g. Gout happens due to monosodium urate crystal deposition on the joints. These are needle like structures formed due to excess of uric acid in blood. This can start by injuries and is mostly confused with spinal infections. Ayurveda offers time after time tested risk-free combo formulae – herbal capsules and massage oil to reduce arthritis inflammation.

Treatment For Arthritis Joint Pain
Natural Ways To Reduce Joint Pain

Vanda roxburghii or rasna, one of the herbs in the cures Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil, is widely used for reducing swelling and pain. It is used for herbal arthritis treatment for joint pain and has anti-diarrhea and wound healing properties. It is used as hepato protective and antinociceptive. In Ayurveda it is externally applied for diseases of nervous system and rheumatism. It has NO scavenging capability, which was tested in laboratory where it was able to help arrest the reactions started by the excess generation of NO and it was also able to exert the antioxidant activities by breaking free radical chain. The herb has therapeutic properties as it contains the bio components thymoquinone – responsible for producing essential oils. This has anti-inflammatory and liver protecting properties.

A placebo controlled client study was conducted on women in age group 40 who were given the oil of the herb for managing RA and it was observed the application of oil was able to provide significant improvement in the condition where the problem of swollen joints and morning stiffness reduced. Clinical evidence state the role of white blood cell type – T lymphocytes is important in the process which is produced by the thymus gland in the neck. The oil of the herb has properties to modulate the actions of T – lymphocytes.

Some of the inflammatory reactions cause severe damage to the body cells and damage the delicate inner lining of the arteries and the brain cells. Most malignant conditions of tumors are caused by chronic inflammation that leads to mutation and this can be prevented by taking the herb as it works as a coolant on the internal body tissues.

Saffron is another ingredient in the arthritis joint pain supplement as it contains bio component croci and has serotonergic effects. It can be used as analgesic and for aromatherapy as it can relax brain, uplift mood and mind power. Croci is beneficial for OCD and this was tested on laboratory rats where its intake was able to reverse chemically induced OCD in rats.

Pipal or Ficus religiosa contains a number of compounds used for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system and the endocrine system. The tree leaves and bark have inhibitory effects on pain as it can release histamines, PGs and serotonin.

Natural ways to reduce joint pain – Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil contain black pepper, which has detoxifying effects and can increase the bio availability of certain enzymes to reduce arthritis inflammation.

Natural Muscle Pain Relief Remedies To Reduce Swelling In Joints Safely

The problem of pain in the knee when taking stairs, climbing, walking up and inflammation due to overuse, injury or damage to the cartilage in the kneecap are mostly due to the conditions of gout or arthritis, while, sometimes it is called ‘water on the knee’. The joint problems arise due to chronic overuse or long term pain or infection, internal fractures, bruises, patellar tendinitis and irritation. The problem of damaged cartilage and arthritis can happen due to build-up of uric acid and to reduce swelling in joints one should restrict foods responsible for the production of uric acid (Uric acid is deposited on the joints in the form of needle like structures and this can cause pain, redness and stiffness during movement). The secretion of uric acid increases due to metabolic glitch (or excess intake of high protein high fat diets – creamy milk, meat and eggs) and the medications including popular painkillers and diuretics can cause the release of uric acid.

Joint Pain Relief Products
Natural Muscle Pain Relief Remedies

Alternatively, the conditions of joint pain can be triggered by the rapid drop in uric acid levels. Most inflammatory conditions of joint pain involves the formation of urate crystals on the joint lining and the presence of white blood cells which are damaged by the release of chemicals that cause inflammation, pain and swelling in the joints. These issues are common in people in the age of 40 and this can get severe in later ages causing inability to move. Treatment for joint muscle pain – Rumacure capsules and Rumacure oil contain the set of herbs for improving the joint muscle strength and regulating the flow of uric acid in blood and the formulae contains oil to enhance the elasticity of the joint tissues to prevent pain caused by friction on joint.

Vitis Quadrangularis, one of the ingredients in the natural muscle pain relief remedies, is traditionally known as ‘bone setter’ due to its pain relieving activities. The intake of the herb improves collagen synthesis in the joints and study on athletic men showed the joint injuries due to heavy exercising which caused pain was reduced by taking the herb and the intake of herb also enhanced the mobility of stiff joints. It has bone healing activities where it could suppress the corticosteroids signalling and preserves the anabolism of the bone tissues to herbal joint and muscle supplements. The stem of the plant has phyto estrogens and it can increase the circulation of vitamin D and estrogens to promote thickness and bone strength. It has antihistamine effects and can prevent allergic reaction on joint tissues.

Cure by natural muscle pain relief remedies – Rumacure capsules and Rumacure oil which includes massage with the herbal oil could reduce swelling in joints and also promote a range of motions on the joint. It can even cure sore muscles and arthritis pains. The mechanism of massage is widely acclaimed and can be applied in the case of joint pain. A study on 45 minute massage found – it aided in cortisol reduction, decreased cytokines and reduced inflammation and allergic reaction while the session helped in increasing the level of white blood cells in body.