Safe Herbal Eye Care Supplements To Improve Vision Without Glasses

Loss of vision, inflammation, eye burning, itching, discharge, glaucoma, red eye and loss of vision in night or due to aging are some common problems of eye. These conditions including pink eye and dry eyes, or the problem of loss of near vision are conditions which can be prevented by taking proper precaution and eye care. These days a number of systemic medicines are causing ocular side effects e.g. the medications for osteoporosis, bisphosphonate for calcium loss in women, the medicines used for bone marrow transplant recovery and certain tetracycline derivatives medicines for acne can cause blurred vision and other eye problems.

Improve Weak Eyesight

The problem of dry eye can be caused by the intake of antidepressants, cholesterol lowering medicines, anti-histamines, diuretics, birth control pills and even beta blockers. Some of the conditions of eye problems such as conjunctivitis and sun damage can be prevented effectively by adopting natural ways of eye care. Even the condition of bulging eye and redness, caused by thyroid imbalance or the problems of diabetic eye disease due to macular edema can be prevented by taking naturopath eye cures e.g. eye vision supplements.

Studies find the presence of chronically high cortisol causes collagen reduction and can cause eye damage. Shatavari or Asparagus racemosus has anti stress and neuro protective effects. The plant extract has estrogenic activities and exerts inhibitory effects on the pro inflammatory cytokines. The use of herb for eyes can prevent itching, irritation and stress reactions to the eye cells. Its intake reduces pressure on nerves and blood vessels found in the eyes. Imbalance of endocrines due to environmental reactions or those linked to allergies or stress can be prevented by taking herbal weak eyesight supplements I-Lite capsules which contains the set of most researched and valuable herbs e.g. Amla, Haritaki, Malkangani and Bahera along with Shatavari.

The condition of diabetic retinopathy happens due to insulin imbalance as the neuronal pathologies are disrupted in the condition or, this can happen due to other factors – Inflammation of nerves, smoking, exposure to harsh chemicals, chemical abuse, hypertension etc. Diabetic retinopathy can cause damage to the peripheral nerves and this effect the vision. The change in vision can be observed even in the pre-diabetic stages.

To improve vision without glasses without any side effects and to provide natural protection to the eye tissues herbal eye care supplements – I-Lite capsules can be taken as it contains herbs such as haritaki or terminalia chebula, which has a range of health benefits. It is used for gastro intestinal ailments and can improve memory and metabolic conditions. It is used in the herbal formulation triphala as it is beneficial in hemoglobin deficiency, diabetes and improves gastrointestinal motility. Amla or emblica officinalis is also added to the ingredients as it is super rich in antioxidants and can fight free radicals to promote regeneration of body cells and help improve vision without glasses. The herb if taken regularly improves vitality and enhances immunity, which prevents allergic reactions to eyes. It restricts impact of hyperacidity on other body tissues and nourishes the body to enhance eyesight. It soothes inflammation, gets rid of infections and enhances strength or elasticity of eye tissues.